Awaken Your Yoni / Vagina With Tantric Massage Therapy & Bodywork


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Yoni Mapping Gold Coast with Rose Richie the Yoni Whisperer


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In 2016, I studied Yoni Mapping and Castor oil bodywork to dissolve intimate scar tissue (vaginal and perineal) under the guidance of Sexological Bodyworker, Aleena Aspley of Brisbane.


Since then, I have worked with a diverse number of women who want to open their Yoni to feel pleasure after vaginal trauma, sexual abuse, scar tissue in the pelvic bowl (from operations and giving birth), learning to feel pleasure and experience varied and different kinds of orgasms.

I am based at the top end of the Gold Coast, if you would like to book a session with me.

I offer two different types of Yoni bodywork sessions, which are detailed in the following links:

To begin with, I suggest three sessions of Yoni Whisperer Awakening Bodywork and then you can progress onto Yoni Whisperer Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork, which is a bodywork session to expand your orgasmic potential and experience many different types of vaginal orgasms.


Do call or text me if you would like to book your Yoni Whisperer Bodywork session.

You can also find me on the professional practitioner directory.

Welcome to my new website

WELCOME – ROSE RICHIE Gold Coast Ph: 0499 978 955

Welcome to my
Kinkassage Website

Welcome to my new site.  I’ve introduced it to make it easier for you to consider the myriad of sensational services I provide here on the Gold Coast. WELCOME – ROSE RICHIE Gold Coast Ph: 0499 978

I’m proud to be part of the Kinkassage group and an experienced practitioner in erotic relaxation.  As my client, you will reap the benefits of my maturity, sensuality, intuitiveness and natural ability to put you at ease.  This is so important in order for you to fully enjoy this extraordinary combination of intimate touch, arousal and full-body relaxation, in a climate of complete trust and discretion. 9

WELCOME – ROSE RICHIE Gold Coast Ph: 0499 978 95

This site will give you one-touch access to the varied range of Kinkassage services I provide.  This includes descriptions of my services and fees, and commentary from previous clients.  You can also read articles to further your understanding of your own erogenous energy.  Most of the articles I post relate to sexual health and how we can tap into the luminous energy of sexuality.

WELCOME – ROSE RICHIE Gold Coast Ph: 0499 978 955

You can contact me quickly and easily to make enquiries and bookings.  You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter if the articles I post there are of special interest to you.

WELCOME – ROSE RICHIE Gold Coast Ph: 0499 978 955

I encourage you to give me feedback on anything you consider I can do to improve this site and provide items of interest to you, my valued client.  The best way to do this by emailing me at  If you need a quick reply, please text me on my mobile – 0499 978 955.

Please take some time to browse around my new site and let me know if you have any questions regarding my services.  I look forward to hosting you soon.

Cheers, Rose

WELCOME – ROSE RICHIE Gold Coast Ph: 0499 978 955